Compromise for Comfort

What are you willing to compromise for comfort?

Compromise for Comfort
God Friended Podcast

Compromising  for comfort, to finding  my worth...

I used  to say, I just want it to go back  to normal  but, the normal  for me, always  seemed  to be a Compromise.

I'm  in a new season in my life,  I don't  want  to go back to how things  were, I want to move forward to  what God has for me.

My old normal was full of fear, stress, depression, anxiety and sickness. 

My new normal  is love, joy, peace, and happiness. 

When  you compromise for comfort,  you give others control  of your love, joy, peace,  and happiness.

Set your values,  so you know your worth.

Love y'all ❤