What is wisdom worth? A study of Proverbs 2 (Verses 12-16)

This is day 3 of my in-depth study of proverbs 2 and today we are in verses 12-16.

What is wisdom worth? A study of Proverbs 2 (Verses 12-16)

Hello guys and welcome to day 3 of my in-depth study of proverbs 2. Today we are in verses 16-11. Thank you for reading today's analysis!

     God is our ultimate guide and his knowledge can save us from all kinds of evil. His discernemtn can save us from being decditful and overly stubborn. If we will just follow and listen God will give us all of the knowledge we need and we won't have to be such knowit alls. I know that this is something that I personally struggle with due to the fact I want all the earthly knowlege I can gain and in turn I begin to look like a know it all as some of those facts may be wrong or some other issues. People don't like know it alls and what is interesting about this is that it's a decently ungodly trait. What I mean by this is that if someone is a know it all typically they aren't being very humble. It sometimes can be hard to not be knoledgeable on something, but it is ok as sometimes the best thing you can do is ask questions and let God give you the answers you are looking for. . Godly knowledge glorifies him. Earthly knowledge glorifies self. It is better to not know and live for God then to have all the knowlege and be spiritually lost. The bible verseabout it being easier for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle then it is for the rich to get to heaven (Mark 10:25) I feel applies here as well. Even though that verse is specifically talking about physical wealth I feel like being overlyknowledgeable and being a know it all will have the same affects and typically know it alls aren't completely living for God. Just because someone has earthly knowlege doesn't mean they are spiritually wise. Godly wisdom and knowledge should be what we crave, not earthly facts and logic. Earthly facts can be good but to much of any thing that isn't completely Godly can consume us. Knowledge is like a drug in that we always crave more and when we can't gain the knowledge we exhibit "withdrawals" whether this be becoming a know it all or acting better than everyone because we are smart, or some other issue.

Questions to Ponder:

  • How can we focus on Godly widsom instead of Earthly knowledge?
  • How much more will we gain if we don't focus on gaining Godly knowledge?
  • How is god tryhing to give and show us his knowldege each day?

Practical Application:

  • Focus on God more
  • Study the bible
  • Accept and understand that you don't have all the answers and that is ok.
  • Remember God is all-knowing and has all the answers to questions we may ask. 

Thank you again guys for reading and joining me in this journey! There is one more day left and I haven't gotten to it yet as I'm also reading The Imitation of Christ and may potentially share my notes on that! Thank you guys again for reading!

God loves you, You matter,