Motivation Of Love

Hate can be one of the greatest motivations, but shouldn't it be love?

Motivation Of Love

Hate is one of the most powerful motivations to change, but shouldn't  it be love?

Have you noticed  if a person  hates something they are quick to to change,  but if they love something  they will almost do anything to hold on to it?

I was trapped and hurt, but didn't  do anything about it,  until  I hated my circumstances.

I prayed and begged God to help me, but the truth was, I wanted everything  around me to change,  without  me making  change. 

Jesus  told the man, pick up  your  mat and walk. He also told the other person, stretch out your arm. 

These people didn't get their healing, then they got up or stretched their arm. They received  their healing  because the got up, and because they stretched  their arm.

God kept  telling me to get up, but I loved my mat too much to let it go. I wasn't  motivated to get up, until I  hated how it made me feel.

The problem  with being motivated  by hate, you  usually  wait. That means you waited until the problem  became  so bad, then did some  about it.

I want to change out of love... Change because  I love myself,  love my kids, love my family, love my friends,  and love God.

Change  starts in the inside,  the heart ❤  don't  change  out of hate, change out of love.

Love y'all ❤