How To Prepare The Soil

A Spring Time story

How To Prepare The Soil

Last week I shared with you how God cultivates the garden of a heart, and how that looks in my life. I was thinking about that article in church on Sunday, it was Palm Sunday and very special. I was excited to get to church and celebrate Him even more on this day.

The night before, I had prepared a very special dress that I thought He would like, the dress had palm leaves all over it and it made me smile. I took extra care that evening to soak my skin in a lavender salt and essential oil bath for this particular day. The next morning, I woke early and spent a few hours with Him telling Him how much I loved Him, thanking Him for this season and looking forward to seeing Him on His special day. I made sure to wear an exceptional lotion and perfume' for an added touch. I slipped the beautiful sheen sun dress over my body, anchored my sandels, and wrapped a white scarf around my shoulders. Hair brushed, makeup applied, I called out to my son "Riley! I'm ready when you are love". He stuck his head through the door, saying "Good! Let's go." with a big grin that exposed his dimples. I could see that he had also made a special effort to dress for the occasion, and was stunning in a crisp trendy black button up shirt with his kacki's. "Oh, son you look amazing!" I told him as we hurried out the door towards the church.

From the parking lot to the church doors my anticipation was growing inside me, I walked right past the coffee station ignoring the smells I love because I couldn't wait. The sweet lady at the doors smiled and said good morning as we stepped into the room. The atmosphere took my breath away. I could feel The Holy Spirit as I crossed into the dimly lit auditorium. It was packed, everyone was standing and I could see our Pastor had a lady on the stage already who needed prayer. This was unusual as it were, becasue normally we would be entering into worship and songs. I could tell Jesus was going to do something unique today. Riley and I quietly found our seats and stood gazing and listening.

Cancer. She had cancer. Pastor Chris was declaring it away in the name of Jesus, and we the body began agreeing with him. She wasn't from our city, not sure how she ended up with us, but it didn't matter. She was His child and she was here on this day for this healing. I felt it. I felt His healing power going to her. Stretching out my hands I joined in agreement and talked to The Lord from my heart for her healing. "Lord, I thank you for healing, I thank you for every healing you've given me, I believe you for healing over this child of yours today. You created our bodies and you are King. In the mighty name of Jesus let it be so." The whole church erupted in worship and a knowing that God had moved. She was changed and we all saw it.

As she left the stage, and service resumed as normal I began quietly talking to The Lord in my heart. I often do this, however today I lingered in His presence as long as I could and tried not to cry, but it wasn't long before I felt tears of love breaking away from the sides of my eyes. His presence was so real. It is unlike anything in this world to me.

This may seem like an odd way to start a conversation about the soil of the heart, but I wanted to give you an idea of what the heart looks like when its soil has been prepared by the hands of God. All of my preparing for Palm Sunday and to celebrate Him was from my heart. From a deep place of enduring love. A love that has been cultivated over time. And it took time, lots of time. Just like breaking up soil takes time. The soil of my heart has been broken up, turned over, watered, rewatered, turned over again, broken up again..year after year. Season after season. My heart has not always been this way. It has had years of trials. Years of hard soil. Fighting old habits, hurts, and hangups. Cycles and seasons of change. When my heart begins to harden, God comes and places his fingers deep down pulling up rich soil into the palms of His hands and He won't let go. Ever. This is His preparing, this is His enduring love towards me, and this is how he keeps me growing. Digging down into the soil of my heart creating new life. And I am so thankful that He does. 

Palm Sunday came, and my heart was laid open in the palm of His hands. My heart, my soil, was soft and His to prepare. When the ground of your garden is softened the good seeds will go in and the weeds will eaily come out. The issues of your heart will come clean and you will begin to learn, to grow, and change organically through the power of The Holy Spirit.

I pray this for you today, I pray you allow the capable hands of Jesus to soften and prepare yours too.

With love,

Sarah Ferguson