Going Through a Season

What season are you going through?

Going Through a Season

I'm in a season in my life, where nothing is bad and everything is an option to grow.

If a person offends me, hurts me, or doesn't see my value. It doesn't make me see or think less of them, I'm a human and mess up a lot myself. 

Last year I was so hurt, depressed,  sick, and broken. I  found myself at the point where God told me I had to learn how to love. ❤  

What I have realized since then, all the things that are not perfect in a person, are all part of what makes that person. You should love people how they are, if you want them to change,  work on yourself and it will bring change to the ones around you.

All the perfect things about a person are just a bonus, perfection is perspective!!! God made you just how you are, perfect in the eyes of God.

Love y'all ❤