The Power of Your Words

The words you speak are powerful and on Judgement Day, you will either be justified or condemned by the words you speak. You cannot tame the tongue, which is full of poison, but you can guard your mouth and not gossip, lie, or slander. Words do hurt and can break you, speak life and positive words of affirmation on a daily basis.

The Power of Your Words

The words that we speak are powerful. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, that both death and life are in the power of the tongue; the words that we speak will produce life or death to the speaker and hearer. We know that words are powerful because God spoke the world into existence and since we are made in His likeness and image, the words we speak are just as powerful. And with much power comes much responsibility and that is why Christ said in Matthew 12:37 that we will either be justified or condemned by our words. We cannot just say whatever we want to say without consequences.


With our words we are to build up and not tear down, help and not hurt, bless and not curse; speak words of edification and not words of destruction. We know that according to James 3, we cannot tame the tongue; it is full of evil, poisonous, and much like a wildfire, can devour all that is in its path. Though we cannot tame our tongue, we can guard our mouths. What is in our hearts is going to eventually come out of our mouth, that is why we must have a heart like Christ. The more we become like Christ, the words we speak and the way we speak will change; we will no longer engage in gossiping, lying, slandering, and causing division. Our words will become less negative and more positive and we will no longer be defiled by what comes out of our mouth.


Just like we’re to speak edifying words around or to others, especially to our kids, we should also speak positive words of affirmation about or to ourselves. We should never refer to ourselves as being slow, stupid, broke, or lost. We should come into agreement with the Word and say what the Lord says about us. Proclaim on a daily basis, I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I’m a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation; I am the apple of God’s eye; I am blessed and highly favored; I have the mind of the Messiah; the Lord has given me the power to get wealth; I am anointed and appointed for greatness; I’m blessed in the city and the field; I am bold as a lion; I am enough; and so on. Not only must we speak these positive words of affirmation, but we must also believe them. If God said it in His Word, it is true. We have to do this on a regular basis because we don’t know what others might be saying about us when we are not around; they can be cursing us and we do not know it.


Many people are suffering today because of the words that others, especially their parents or a family member, have spoken over them. Words are seeds and once planted and watered by belief and agreement, they will grow and become strongholds. Uproot those negative, hurtful words, and replace them with wonderful words of life. Don’t believe the lie that sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you. Words do hurt and can break you; they can break your heart, your spirit, and your will to live and crush your dreams.

Study and meditate on the Word daily. Don’t come into agreement with what others say about you unless it is positive, edifying, and encouraging. If you don’t have anything good to say, keep silent; especially during times of difficulty. If you are around people who like to gossip, if you can, separate yourself from them. If the people you are around say something negative about someone, don’t agree with them, keep silent, or say something positive. That person may not hear what is being said, but God does and we are to glorify Him at all times. Your words are powerful, use your powers for good.