Christians and Mental Health

How do Christians deal with mental health in today's society? Most Christians don't want to talk about it...

Christians and Mental Health

Mental  health  is no joke, last year was  one of the hardest years of my life. I was depressed,  anxious,  sad, mad, hurt, and mentally broke. 

It was probably one of the first  real times I felt hopeless, most people like to share the happy moments in life. 

To be honest,  this was a happy moment, it was the moment  I had to discover  who I was, what I wanted to be, and what direction  I wanted to go. That wasn't  the best part, it was that same time God came and accepted me.

I say accepted  me, most people  say you have to accept Christ, but when I was broken, hurt, and nobody  wanted me. God still wanted me and accepted all my hurt, pain, mess, and brokenness just how it was.

He is the One who picked  me up and put me back  together, He is the one who showed me who I am, and He is the one who loves me no matter  what. 

He accepted  me!!! 

What was weak  is now strong,  what was broken is being restored,  and what was hopeless, now has hope.

The biggest  lie is you have to better for God to love you. If that's  true, why did He find me when I was broken? 

God doesn't need you to be better,  with God you are better.

Love y'all ❤