Focus on Jesus! Our strength is not enough.

Focus on Jesus! Our strength is not enough.

So often we hear about how Peter was a handful. He would cuss you. He would cut you. He denied Jesus three times.

What about his boldness? When Jesus called him on the water, he went. He was the only disciple to get out of the boat.

He walked on water for a second. He lost focus of Jesus and saw the storm. Then he began to sink.

How many times in life do we lose focus and try to do things in our own strength?

This is something the Lord has been working in me for a long time. My “fix it” mentality has done me no favors.

Praise God that He does not see us the same way. He sees us through love and not our human attributes. He molds us like clay to become a beautiful creation that brings Him glory.

What a magnificent God!