Know The Difference

Know The Difference

I had a dream last November. 

I was in an outdoor setting with people around. There was a friend of mine there along with acquaintances. I gave my friend a hug when I greeted him and he spoke something to me. I was not sure what he said though. Whatever he did say made me feel good. This friend is usually encouraging and very down to earth. 

We began speaking to other people. My friend ended up walking away with another person. I thought, "Wait. Let's all hang out. We don't see each other very often." But then they were gone. 

Then I woke up. This dream was short and straight to the point. 

I prayed and ask God what this dream meant. This is what He said, "Know the difference."

God began to explain how the words this person said or typically said is friendly and made me feel good. I usually felt encouraged after speaking to him or visiting when we haven't seen each other in a while.

But then he left. While this friend gave me a little attention to keep me engaged, he did not stick around.

Remember, God said, "Know The Difference." 

God further explained that when someone wants to be in your life, they take action to do so. They act like they want to be in your life. If someone says words but doesn't follow through with action, they are communicating that you are not that important to them.

The final revelation then came and it is "Don't fall for attention when you should be the choice."

Wow, pretty intense, right? I'm sure many of us are thinking of certain people right now.

Let's take it a step further.

Do we do that to God? Do we intentionally speak to and spend time with God like He is that important to us?

This makes me want to pray right now and pour out my love on my Creator!