Pray For Repentance

Pray For Repentance

In the event that happened in the media last Sunday, we should be very, very concerned. Worshiping the devil on a stage that was broadcasted all over is simply not acceptable. God is a jealous God and will not share His glory. 

Many times in scripture, we find how the Lord was angered by the behavior of men. Defiant and insolent disobedience provokes God's anger and passion. Numbers 11-13 give examples of God's anger burning against the Israelites and the consequence given to them. As the scripture says, "We reap what we sow". We cannot live in rebellion and expect that there will not be any consequences. 

We must repent. We have to humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. Many of us do not agree with the behavior displayed on Sunday night. Those of us that are Christians are left speechless and wonder how this was allowed. Well, we cannot stay speechless! We have to go to God in prayer and repent as a people and as a nation. God is merciful. The Israelites received mercy after Moses and Aaron prayed. God was ready to wipe them out in His exceeding anger. But He didn't. He showed mercy to the people.

We can go to God on behalf of the people. We have the authority in Jesus to intercede and ask for mercy. There will still be consequences, especially for those who behaved so inappropriately. 

Take a moment and say this prayer out loud. "Heavenly Father, Friend, and Judge. We come to you in the name of Jesus. We repent for the evil behavior displayed on Sunday night. Please forgive our foolishness. We know that you are Almighty God and no one compares to you. Please do not destroy us. Please show us mercy. As your children, we rise up against the devil and his schemes. May all of his plans be destroyed and come to nothing. We plead the blood of Jesus over the entire nation. Thank you for your goodness, righteousness, and mercy. We pray all of this in the name of Jesus! Amen"

References of God's anger and mercy.

Numbers 11

The Israelites were complaining and wailing about not having meat to eat. They were tired of manna. They even referenced what it was like in Egypt with all the foods they ate. Moses and the Lord heard their wailing. The Lord gave the Israelites quail for a month. As the people were still eating the meat, the Lord's anger burned against them, sending a plague through the camp. 

Numbers 12

Aaron, an Israelite, married Miriam who was a Cushite woman. Miriam did not have the knowledge or experience that the Israelites did with knowing God. Miriam and Aaron began to speak against Moses. They questioned Moses' relationship with God. Moses was very dear to God and God spoke face to face and clearly with him. There were not many people like Moses. The Lord heard what Miriam and Aaron were saying about Moses. The anger of the Lord burned against them. Miriam was struck with leprosy and turned white as snow. Aaron immediately repented of the sin he "so foolishly committed." Then humble Moses prays for Miriam to be healed. 

Numbers 16 

Three men became insolent and led a rebellion against Moses. 250 men joined in opposing Moses. The Lord showed how Moses was chosen as a holy priest. The Lord instructed Moses and Aaron to separate from the men so He could "put an end to them". God was exceedingly angry. He had enough and was ready to take them out. Moses and Aaron fell facedown and prayed. The Lord showed mercy and did not destroy the entire camp. The three men, their tents, and all their belongings were swallowed up by the earth. The earth opened, they fell in, and the earth closed up afterward. The 250 men that accompanied them in the rebellion were consumed by fire. A plague was sent to the camp and 14,700 people died.