Poison In A Pot

Poison In A Pot

Elisha’s servant unknowingly used poisonous vines to make stew in 2 Kings 4. These were wild gourds and it was unknown that they were poisonous. The stew was prepared and given to the men to eat. The men began to eat and realized it was not edible due to the poisonous gourds. The men cried out. Elisha put some flour in the stew and it became safe to eat. It was not the flour that made the food clean or edible but a means for the Lord to provide.

The Lord covered the mistake of the servant and took care of the men with provision.

We are imperfect humans. God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Although we try to do our best, it does not compare to God’s ways.

We need the Lord in everything we do.

I’m so grateful we aren’t left to our own limited knowledge.

Glory to God!