Protect Your Hearts and Mind

God says to protect our hearts and minds, one of the best ways is to protect what you let in...

Protect Your Hearts and Mind
Protect Your Heart

I've been changing my inputs (what I allow in) the past couple of months, I just want to share that it has been one of the most life changing decisions I  have ever made. 

One of the most important factors to my change has been awareness, being more aware of what triggers me, and the people and things I let in my life.

I'm finding  myself  letting go of generational habits and mindsets. God says to protect our hearts and our minds, the only real way is protect  what you let in.

My heart and mind have become a service  light for my body, when something I allow in doesn't  feel  right, my heart and mind tell me.

I always protected  the wrong  things, I kept God out and let everything  else in.

Don't  wait until the world  fails you, let God in and He will protect your heart and mind.

Love y'all ❤