People Change

People Change

We all go through phases in life. We transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Judging someone’s mistakes limits us. We hold them in remembrance of that sin. We have a limited perspective and that’s not viewing people the way God does.

We don’t know what God is doing in them. We don’t know what they are going through that has influenced that person’s decision. They could be in a Job moment for all we know or actually DON’T know.

God says to love and pray for one another. That benefits both the person whom sinned and the person whom judged (also sin).

When people do change or grow in the Lord, we are not open to that person. We cannot receive from them. Because we still hold them in judgment as a sinner.

A great example is a preacher or teacher in the Lord. They sinned (like ALL of us), but come to the Lord and repent. They begin to fulfill the call on their lives and enter full-time ministry. Wow…now they are servants of the Lord and not servants of sin. They changed!

Let’s do this life God’s way!

Thank your Father for Your Wisdom! We love Your Mercy!  We love to walk in Your Way! We Love YOU!