Reward For Obedience

Reward For Obedience

This morning I read Leviticus 26. The rewards for obedience are explained in verses 1-13. I was really "wowed" at all of this goodness that God gives to us when we obey Him. While reading, I expected one or two paragraphs, but it kept going.

Depending on our relationship with God, we may see some of these things in our lives. God doesn't say to pick one or two. God doesn't say that His benefits are limited. God continued to speak more and more blessings, plural, over us. 

Trusting God and taking His Word as truth results in His blessing. It is not performance-based. We do not earn His blessings. We simply receive all of His benefits for obeying. 

Obedience isn't always easy. It is one step at a time. As we take one step, we see God's faithfulness to us. Then we take another step and another step. As we do this, we step into knowing the Goodness of God. We realize that God is faithful to His Word. God says, "I love you, and I will never leave you or forsake you." This is 1000% true and we know this.

As we take each step in obedience, we are trusting God to fulfill His Word. The more we know God the more we trust God. Steps of obedience become more natural to us as we know we can trust God.

Let's go from hoping to knowing the love and faithfulness of God.

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